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Joseph S. Basile, DDS
Board Certified Orthodontist

Prior Lake Orthodontics, PA
5116 Gateway St. SE, Suite 103
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone: 952-447-6088

Basile Orthodontics, PA
17809 Hutchins Dr., Suite 101
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone: 952-474-3203

Member American Association of Orthodontists

Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics


Retainers are custom devices made of wires or clear plastic. They hold teeth in position after orthodontic treatment is complete. Dr. Basile will prescribe a retention phase based on your individual needs.






Hawley Retainer:

This retainer includes a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and keeps them in place. It is named for its inventor, Dr. Charles Hawley. The metal wires are anchored to an acrylic arch.

Essix Retainer:

Another common type is the vacuum formed Essix retainer. It is made up of a clear plastic material that fits over the teeth.

Fixed Retainer:

A fixed retainer typically consists of a passive wire that is bonded to the tongue side of the upper and/or lower front teeth. Unlike the previously mentioned retainers, fixed retainers cannot be removed by the patient.